4 Ways to Integrate Flowers Decor on Your Venue

When one talks about wedding, he or she could not discredit the help of the floral designs in beautifying the place. A wedding without floral designs will render the reception as incomplete setting since there are no accents that only flowers could provide. There are so many kinds of flowers which you can feature in order to achieve symmetry in color, intimacy and providing the feels.

wedding decorHere are some of the top 4 suggestions on how to decorate your wedding venue with flowers:

Floral centerpieces are part of wedding traditions. The only thing that you can do in order to have a fresh design is to innovate it to the next level. Nowadays, more and more brides are looking at adopting the old style then injecting some modern twist, like using jam jars or bottles fused with flowers. Some brides are also resorting to DIY centerpieces; they are utilizing old vases or empty jars accented by colorful ribbons.

As much as you love modern decors for your wedding, you cannot still get rid of flowers. Flowers have their own charm which makes the guests feel relaxed and comfortable. They are also heavily customizable to any design that you want. To plan out your floral design, make sure you integrate the professional advice of your wedding florist.

If your receptions have aisles, do not leave these places unattended. Making them empty is like walking inside the hospital. In order to customize this part, you can make use of botanic decors. This is a very flexible type of d├ęcor since you can bring those botanic decors or plants to you home and plant them in your garden after the wedding. You can customize those plants in the aisle by simply wrapping them in accented root cover or pots. You can also use these plants as wedding favors afterwards.

Cake Decors
It is now very common for brides to decorate their wedding cakes with flowers. Cakes could also become wedding centerpieces so it should be worked on and designed properly to suit the theme. If you have a plain colored cake, one way to accentuate its bear color is putting cake toppers or flowers on its final tier. If you are planning to integrate flowers on your wedding cake, make sure that have your cake maker meet with the florist.

If you are not planning to put flowers on your cake, you can at least accentuate the table where it is placed with the use of flowers. It will make the table as the focal point of the reception; it could either be in the center or in the corner where everyone should go during the cake cutting ceremony.

Hang flowers
Another way on how to decorate your wedding venue with flowers is through making use of blank walls and ceilings. You can try hanging the floral arrangement as chandelier. Add more greenery to your flowers in order not to spend much on the blooms. Not only that, one can also make use of twigs and branches to be hanged on walls of pews.