5 Vital Questions You Should Ask Wedding Venues in Houston, TX

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Questions to Ask When Booking a Wedding Venue

wedding venueKnowing what to ask potential wedding venues in Houston, Texas to hold your wedding ceremony and reception can help ensure that your event will turn out successful and unforgettable.

So before you choose a place to tie the knot and sign a contract, here are questions that you should ask wedding venue staff when you set up an appointment with them.

First, will there be a facility director? A facility director is the man behind the curtain in any event. If the venue provides one, ask if he or she will be present on the day of your wedding. Because the facility director is the go-to person of the event, it’s important that you know him or her well for you to build rapport and professional relationship.

Second, do you need to be a member of a club? There are Houston venues for wedding that only cater wedding services to club members. And club membership, country-club membership, for instance, are usually very expensive.

Third, will they provide a shuttle for you and your guests? The transportation of your wedding guests on the day of your wedding is one of the most challenging thing that you’ll be facing. If the venue provides one, it would be very easy for you and your guests. But if they don’t provide, it’s better that you rent your own.

Fourth, what time will the guests are supposed to leave the venue? Every wedding venue has their own rules when it comes to the amount of time you can stay and use their facility. So never miss to ask that.

Lastly, can I hire wedding vendors outside? Some wedding venues in Houston, Texas don’t allow outside vendors especially during the reception such as caterer, flower wedding decorator and photographers. This is because most of these venues offer in-house caterer, for instance, that you can hire. Make sure to ask the venue’s staff to keep things clear at the outset.

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