Mixing Wedding Songs like Professional San Antonio, TX DJs

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Be a DJ and Mix Songs

In any case, to be a decent blender and DJ, you must have the capacity to beat-coordinate legitimately and system the music so it sounds like you’re blurring from one tune into the following. Understanding your music and strategies of blending will help you succeed in turning into one of the best wedding DJs in San Antonio, TX.

Acquaint yourself with the BPMs (beats every moment) of the music you plan to blend with. The BPMs decide how quick or moderate a tune is. Comprehend you can’t generally blend a tune with a low BPM like 75 into a melody that is 120 BPMs. It’s conceivable however just expert DJs have that ability.


Pick a record that you need to begin with and let it play on the left or right turntable (or CD player). Make sure to conform your screen level to your inclination. The screen is the speaker that will help you have the capacity to hear your blend as you cross blur.

Pick another record with a comparable BPM, give or take five beats. At the end of the day, in the event that you begin with a record that is 110 BPMs, you can pick one that is 105 or 115. The reason being, your turntable or player has a pitch control of +/ – 8 and you don’t need the tune to sound too moderate or quick, so five is a decent zone to stay with.

Put your next tune on the other turntable or CD player, yet ensure you can just hear it through your earphones by affirming the cross blur is indicating the melody that is playing resoundingly. Listen to the tune in your earphones and locate the primary “kick” or bass beat. This will be your beginning stage when you’re prepared to blend.

Line up the melody in your earphones, altering the pitch control to coordinate the beat of the tune that is playing on the speakers. Try not to be reluctant to touch the record or platter (CD player) and rewind or quick forward while you’re attempting to locate the right beat match.

Locate the right spot on the live record and when you’re prepared to blend, discharge the record you have in line and move the cross fader marginally toward the center. Presently you are combining the two tunes.

Hone this procedure until you’re alright with your blends. Try distinctive types of music and BPMs so you can have some flexibility with various velocities of music.

Listen to different wedding DJs in San Antonio, TX blending or watch recordings of exhibitions. You’ll have the capacity to get a couple tips here and there of how to enhance your blending and improve as a DJ.

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