Wedding Favors from Around the World that is Perfect for Your Event

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Wedding Favors from Around the World

13Wedding is a very special occasion. It is important that guest will remember this special occasion of yours. One of the best ways to remember one’s wedding is the favors. This kind of stuff is usually given away to the guests and serves as gift or token for attending the said event. Such tradition is usually being   observed in thousands of places around the globe. Wedding favors comes in different form and sizes depending on the tradition of one country.  Giving wedding favors is a practice that is being done for many centuries.

There is no definite record of exactly when wedding favors became an important part of a wedding. In modern days, favors play an important role not only to wedding but even for birthday, anniversary or baptism. Though each country vary their wedding favors on the tradition but the purpose and objective remain the same.

The favors that are listed below can be use as wedding favors for your occasion but you should know there meaning because each of this things signifies something.

Love Knots of Ribbons and Lace

It was said that this type of wedding favor was first given but English couple between the 16th and 17th century. These love knots are made of ribbons and laces. This type of wedding favors is ideal for simple wedding, you can have it DIY and add couple of details to make it more modern and stylish. This is also ideal for bohemian style wedding or any outdoor wedding.

The Irish Wedding Bell

Wedding favor bells has a deep role to the Irish culture. They are not just given to the gusts but also it is being kept by the couples to restore peace and unity of the relationship. Basically, bridal couple rings the Irish wedding bell at the wedding ceremony and brought home and valued after the wedding. The bell is somehow the alarm system of the couple. Ringing of this symbolic thing is being done when couple is fighting. By doing so, it will remind both parties with their vows. A small version of the Irish bell is being distributed to the guests as wedding favors. To make it more romantic you can incorporate flower to the wedding favor.

Red Eggs and Orange Flowers

Such wedding favors are very popular in Malaysia. The eggs are being hand-painted and decorated. The usual color that is being used is red which symbolizes fertility of the couple. The red eggs are given to the guests so that the couple will be blessed with a child. On the other part of the world, orange flowers with vase are given to the guests as part of the tradition and culture in Spain.

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